Name: Tferinstilillo,


From Fear: From Middle English feerferefer, from Old English fǣrġefǣr (“calamity, sudden danger, peril, sudden attack, terrible sight”), from Proto-Germanic *fērō*fērą (“danger”), from Proto-Indo-European *per- (“to attempt, try, research, risk”).


Instill: Borrowed from Latin instillō.

Description/History: Tferinstilillos are ancient invisible creatures that have lived inside humans bodies for ages and can only be seen in dreams or by young children.


Tferinstilillos consists of tree separate entities that work together. They are consistently described by dreamers, as a set of tree different creatures. Two of them mirror each other’s shape and are called instilillos. They are described as a hollow black four legged headless creature, each of these legs are firmly attached to the upper back, there is one for the left side an another for the right side of the human body. As they tighten their grip to the shoulders, humans posture shrinks. The third entity Tfer is the most mysterious; it is said that it can fly and is supposed to only have a more or less black shinny rounded body. Most people can not accurately place it as an image due to a powerful repressive sensation that overcomes them when the try to describe it. Tfer is tiny, it controls the two instilillos and lives deep inside the spine, maybe the DNA and is constantly running fear programs through all of our nervous system.


They are the last remaining entities on earth brought by a ancient unknown beings that left long ago, even before Cthulhu arrived to earth. Their main purpose is to keep humanity small and under control of lower, older, constraining laws that make humanity believe life is hard and horrible. They are responsible for the limiting beliefs systems and extreme recurring emotional reactions. They are passed from parents to child through DNA and relate to different kinds of family karmas, these can be guilty, shame, scarcity, greed, disempowerment, etc. As Doctor Phaxatughi, the most respected Tferinstilillos researcher explained, some ways to recognize them can be becoming aware of thoughts such as “I can’t do this…” “that is imposible..” “stay in line, quite…” Also every time a person does not engage in a healthy way with their emotions, mainly rage, there is a clear sign that the Tferinstilillos are active because behind these thoughts and emotions, there is fear and fear is what Tferinstilillos feed on.

The evidence of their existence consists only of adult’s reports of them in dreams. People report contact with Tferinstilillos happens at the releasing of it through dreams. When we become aware of them and decide is time to them let go, they will leave without a struggle in a dream, because they are smart enough to know there is no more fear to feed upon on that body; these cases are very rare though. Some people report giving them away to rivers or mountains and the Tfer is always leading the way.

Recent Developments:

Another recently recognized reference source for the description of Tferinstilillos are children’s drawings made at very early ages when consciousness is not completely set; after this humans loose connection with the intangible and the Tferinstilillos programming becomes automatic and second nature.

Recent debate among researches, rose in 2012 due to a discovery made in Egypt, where archeologist discovered two objects that appear to be instilillos inside a 2,500 year old tomb and ritual site. The debate lies in the fact that these instilillos are made of plastic materials that have not aged and were unknown by humans at the time. After this discovery researches are considering the possibility of Tferinstilillos evolving faster than humanity in order to keep it under control, most likely they are beyond the internet.

New approaches have recently pointed that humans experience Tferinstilillos presence constantly and one way to recognize their power is to focus on the tension accumulated on shoulders and neck; if the body aches it means they are active, they recommend communities in general to connect to their bodies. Tferinstilillos use human’s bodies as a wide, effective net that spreads fear in ways that Quantum Physics has only started to explain.

Many researchers have completely denied and disregarded the existence of Tferinstilillos, one argument points out that children and people’s dreams are not to be taken seriously in fact they are a laughing matter. Regarding the supposed physical pain in people’s body, they confirm yes, life is hard.