One at a time and as long as it lasts




One at a time and as long as it lasts.

Óleo sobre tela, grapas e hilos. 89 x 152 cm cada una. Cuatro piezas. 2018

Oil on canvas, staples and threads. 35 x 60 inches each. Four pieces 2018.




Make a choice, let it unravel

One at a time and as long as it lasts

A month ago, in line with my art material choices, I chose: Oil on canvas. Afterwards, it was all about allowing the process and the randomness to take over. I am an observer and what I do is being led by what comes up.

What came up here? A set of oil samples given to us, which I mixed and used to set the color I would use on each canvas; each time trying to find that first tone, again and again. Miscommunication set the size of the canvases and in a way, the direction of the project.

Allowing the process to unfold, working with each piece of fabric, embracing its own set of wrinkles and loosen threads Each mix of paint, taking an indefinite amount of paint on the brush and making the same movement until the paint runs out; observing given characteristics and acting upon them. Then repeat.

From thread, to grid; the canvas absorbs and supports the paint, it embraces the paint allowing it to be something else. In return, the paint protects the fabric; when I tried to alter the canvas, thread by thread, the paint protected it from falling apart too easily. I wonder about this bond between them, how far to push it and what for. I kept the threads and pieces of fabric and collected them using tape.

Take a good look at everything

Nothing is wasted

Children are never what we expect. Oil and canvas gave birth to a collection of tiny threads on tape, they also gave way to oil on the edges of duct tape arrangements and other untitled children that turned out unexpectedly.

Mónica Llorente

New York City


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